18 November 2012

Wood Wood Museum Grand Opening

Friday November 23rd Wood Wood can party their official opening of their brand new store in Frederiksborggade 54. As announced it is going to be a shopconcept where Wood Wood will "present"- if you want-  past collections from a long list of brands, wich you can find in Wood Wood´s other stores. For the opening Carlsberg will kindly serve you cold drinks and over this you will find 15 portraits of Copenhagen personalities shot by Hasse Nielsen. Take a closer look on the flyer and on facebook.

Friday November 23rd
16.00- 19.00
Frederiksborggade 54, 
1366 Copenhagen K

The Ones2Watch⎮ "Papercuts"

 by Lena Kholkina
Design by Venera KazarovaModel(s) Ira Patrikeeva @ Aquarelle Models
Inspired by surrealism and the work of Giorgio de Chirico.

05 October 2012


A solo exhibition by TODD JAMES
OPENING: FRIDAY OCTOBER 5. 2012. TIME: 17.00 - 22.00
V1 Gallery is proud to present Free To Be You & Me a solo exhibition by Todd James.
Luminous colored Somali pirates, smoking cigarettes as the sun sets, drinking tea, making hostage demands on satellite phones, brandishing AK 47’s and rocket propelled grenades populate Todd James new body of work. The paintings have an alluring innocence at first glance. Under the seductive colors and smooth compositions a darker truth lurks. These are portraits of modern pirates, as men at work. Time and time again they jam an AK 47 into the wheels of the global economy and flow of goods, reminding us that the world is not equal for all and that humans will go to great lengths to secure riches. The duality of the work is typical for Todd James, not passing judgment, rather illuminating contradictions in contemporary society. His work is informed by the images we know from the constant stream of media we are swimming in. He distills these images, giving the viewer a chance for brief contemplation, in a time that rarely offers that.
The second part of Free To Be You & Me is a recreation of the Vandal’s Bedroom – a large-scale installation – that premiered at the Art In The Streets exhibition at the MOCA in Los Angeles. The changing installation, mimics a teenage graffiti vandals bedroom and working headquarter, with hundreds of rough sketches pinned roughly to the walls, pop culture references, slogans, appropriated cartoon characters and art supplies. The piece is an homage to the environment Todd James grew up with and in part informed his later practice.
According to Todd James, both vandals and pirates step over invisible boundaries put in place by faceless power structures every day. Both also anonymously make claims (to space or to cargo), their deeds forcing society to confront the undeniable complexity of right and wrong.
The exhibition and title poetically questions the inherent dilemmas of freedom in our world.
Todd James (born in New York, 1969, lives and works in New York) has exhibited extensively around the world. He has been an integral part of the genre expanding and defining exhibitions: Street Market, Beautiful Losers and Art In The Streets. He has recently exhibited at Nazuka Underground in Tokyo, Gering & López Gallery in New York and the MOCA museum in Los Angeles. A new book on his work Yield To Temptation has just been published on the occasion of his latest solo exhibition in Tokyo. Free To Be You & Me is Todd James second solo exhibition with V1 Gallery.
We look forward to seeing you.
V1 Gallery
Please do not hesitate to contact the gallery for further information, press photos or artist interview:
+45 3331 0321 / mail@v1gallery.com / www.v1gallery.com / V1 Gallery / Flæsketorvet 69 / 1711 Copenhagen V / DK Opening hours: Wednesday-Friday: 12-18. Saturday: 12-16. Or by appointment.
THANK YOU: Tuborg for Tuborg, Pernod for Pernod and Absolut for Absolut.

12 September 2012

Belgium⎮Atelier Solarshop


If you are in Antwerp you should check out Atelier Solarshop, one of the most interesting stores in Antwerp.  Artist platform "Atelier Solarshop" has been organizing (con)temporary projects since 2008. From today on Atelier Solarshop will be opening it´s doors permanently. They have a fine selection of furniture, fashion, books and art.
Opening hours:
Wednesdays - Saturdays
12h - 18h30

Atelier Solarshop

Dambruggestraat 48
2060 Antwerp


18 August 2012

Slat House by Carl Turner Architects

This project involves the extension and remodeling of a 1930s end-terrace house in South London, referred to for its unusual use of timber cladding as the Slat House. The client specified an extension which would open up the interior of the house during the summer, making a greater connection with the garden. They also wanted a ‘tough’ and flexible series of internal spaces, which are able to adapt to the changing needs of a growing family. On the ground floor an expansive space is cut through the house, creating a vista from the entrance through to the rear garden. The spaces can be separated and reconfigured with large sliding panels. The new extension houses a large kitchen and dining area with in-situ concrete floors and walls and a bespoke concrete worktop and breakfast bar. A dramatic new window frames the garden and a large sliding door gives access to the new terrace. A new room at the front of the extension, lined with birch-faced plywood functions as a work studio and garage, accessed from the front via a giant swing door. The internal finishes of the extension are pulled through into the main house, emphasizing the new open plan arrangement of the ground floor. Timber cladding was specified as a practical necessity to reduce the load of the building on its new foundations, but also for aesthetic purposes, to harmonize the extension with its wooded surroundings. The width of the red cedar panels defined a module by which all window and door openings were determined. This rigour adds to the strong exterior appearance of the building.

Carl Turner Architects 

27 June 2012

Official Launch ⋅ Eastpak x Wood Wood Collection


Last Week Eastpak and Wood Wood celebrated the international launch of  their  collaboration in Copenhagen. Brian SS Jensen and Lotte Nielsen, Wood Wood Designer as well as Bartel Geus, Eastpak senior product merchandiser, clarified the vision and inspiration behind the collection.Together with national and international guests the launch trumped with charme,
urbanity and a special kind of summer feeling (and nice snacks, wine and tunes ;) )
The 1st collection "Desertion" by Eastpak and Wood Wood will arrive in stores august 2012.

18 June 2012


© by Jan-Jan Van Essche
On June 29th 2012, menswear designer Jan-Jan Van Essche will launch his annual wardrobe COLLECTION#3 - ‘IN AWE’.
This collection brings discrete elements of oriental nostalgia and tranquility into the wearer’s wardrobe. 
Each garment is carefully and intentionally constructed to maintain its own independence,
while sharp-cut volumes are delicately layered to flow into one another, emphasizing the contrasts in textures of fabrics.
The natural yet bright indigo blends in, overwhelms and deepens the silhouettes, obstructing a monotone color palette.

13 June 2012

"Desertion" ▏Eastpak by Wood Wood Collection

Finally the Eastpak x Wood Wood collection lookbook arrived. The collection is designed in style to the Wood Wood spring/summer collection and incarnates the flair of a hot desert with a mix of natural materials, ethnic motives and soft colors.
Natural materials with a weather-beaten and crumpled look are the main character of the collection.

Toon Kympers, Product Director of Eastpak:" At the first view, the Eastpak x Wood Wood collection is contrary to the typical Eastpak vision, but if you take a closer look on the collection you can see that this collection is representing an universal sensibility. The drive to be present, explore, discover without any limits, without fear and without expectations. All in all, you can find Eastpak in every little detail in the collection.

Brian SS Jensen, Co-Founder/ Designer of Wood Wood:" It´s been a awesome experience, working together with Eastpak for this project. During the process, we´ve been open for new and it´s been a great collaboration between both brands. Our primary thoughts and concepts have been moved perfectly into the collection we are proud of."

The Eastpak x Wood Wood Collection includes ten styles, from backpack over weekender to sac and accessories, I think, I will take the weekender and the sac :). The collection will be available in selected stores from June 2012, prices from € 40 - € 220. 

For more, visit: Eastpak, Wood Wood

05 June 2012

The U.S. Import High Summer

© by U.S. Import/ Photography Sascha OdaHair and Make-up Jan Stuhr @ Unique Look/ Models Eddie Klint @ Unique Models, Maria Palm @ Elite Models/ Stylist Christel Winther @ Unique Look/ Photographer assistant Kazuma Takigawa/ Text Sascha Oda @ Post- New

 "U.S. Import hold a unique place in the market, especially within Copenhagen with the store also playing as a flagship store, for the lack of better words, for Soulland while complimenting the label with a selection of other well established labels. Having known Silas Adler, designer and founder of Soulland and one half of U.S. Import for sometime I been able to really understand his design philosophy over the years and see him grown into one of the leading creative's in the scene. We worked together on U.S. Import High Summer, along with a team of very astute people to compile an editorial of mass proportions. Below, Adler puts it in his own words about the idea behind the piece." 

"The U.S. Import High Summer showcases a hand picked  selection of the brands we have in the store in a graphic and color full setting. The styling in the shoot reflects a bold, vibrant look in the shop for the season with patterns and color, surf shorts and varsity jackets, yellow shirts and beige capes all essential to the aesthetic. All parts of a strong summer look!"