31 January 2012

Kask´s New Home

 En Lille Invitation Til KASK's Åbning Af Deres Nye Og Større Sted I Pilestræde...

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Leather Bag/ Flash Tattoo Collection No1/ Alexander Wang Sweater/ Eric Elms "Wish You Were Here"/ Starstyling Leggins/ Adidas Consortium  

23 January 2012


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20 January 2012

ASAP Rocky and Jeremy Scott Cover Complex’s Feb/March 2012 Issue

The first new issue of Complex Magazine for 2012 is about to hit newsstands and none other than ASAP Rocky and Jeremy Scott have gotten the cover story. One of the most hyped young rappers and always much discussed fashion designer Jeremy Scott certainly make for an interesting match.
“Complex: Why do you think hip-hop is so fascinated with fashion and vice versa?
A$AP ROCKY: As black people it was our thing to show that we’re not living in poverty and that we can afford extravagant things—that kind of stuck with us. So when our great-grandparents were putting on their favorite outfits, it was to put on a front for the hard time. And hip-hop is a bunch of people that never had nothing. Fashion is just an expression. It’s an art. It expresses your taste. Good taste is important in hip-hop. I wake up saying I’m going to look the best I can and do what the fuck I want to do. And that’s what it’s all about. I don’t know if I articulated it good because im pretty high right now—and I have a lisp and I’m going to Mars right now.
Jeremy Scott: [Laughs]. The thing is hip-hop is one of the only communities that really started its own trends.
Jeremy Scott: That’s why I’ve always been inspired by hip-hop artists, because they transform things—even just the jean, turning it around, inside out, sagging it—all these different things. Yes, of course we get little things from other music movements, but hip-hip has been like, Pow! It’s really inspiring and it’s the only new music that has come along in eons. Rock and roll has been around—it’s changing forms. But hip-hip is major.”
You can read the full cover story here.
Check out the photoshoot featuring both ASAP Rocky and Jeremy Scott after the jump.

13 January 2012

Stephanie Wong ▏"Extraordinary Pigeon"

A recent graduate from London College of Fashion and our 60th designer to join MUUSE, we proudly present to you – Ho Man Stephanie Wong.Stephanie is a designer who lives and breathes for fashion – she draws inspiration from art, graphical elements and cultures. Her main interest is creating intricate pattern and delicate design details as shown in her collection “Extraordinary Pigeon” that she is launching with us today. Her work always takes on loose fit and unisex style while exploring the character of the material and adding it into her designs. “Extraordinary Pigeon” is inspired by the nature and the paintings of Giuseppe Arcimboldo along with different photographs of pigeons. From the paintings of Arcimboldo, Stephanie came up with the idea of how she could use animal skin in a more environmentally friendly manner. It led her into exploring alternative sources of materials that are not animal-based but more sustainable and affordable.  Being influenced by the structural and layering collage of Arcimboldo’s paintings and by creating fake skins and fur-like materials instead of using real fur or leather, has resulted in an extraordinary collection. Not only is it playful and interesting with the asymmetric cutting and mix of colors, but the use of nontraditional layering and different materials in one garment makes each and every piece in her collection an exceptional craftwork. See the collection here and judge for yourself. 


Hello boys & girls,

the time has come. And and every one of you knows what we mean. The official start of our fabulous and huge Winter clearance sale. Better known as "WINTER SALE / THE WAREHOUSE".
This time we offer a huge selection of shoes, dresses, pants, shirts, down jackets, knitwear, blouses, pants, magazines, accessories and much more. Over 800 products for women and men!

We have greatly reduced, from 30% to 80%. What do you want more?

We need much space for the upcoming season. So swing by, grab your pieces and take the chance to buy some really cheap products of our favourite designers and brands.
You will find some nice ranges of: Wood Wood, Reality Studio, Norse Projects, Penfield USA, Hien Le, Airbag Craftworks, New Balance, Asics by Family and Friends, Soulland, Loft Design By, Libertine-Libertine, Starstyling, Sperry Top-Sider by Band of Outsiders and many more.

The Winter sale starts this Saturday at our studio. Don´t be late!
Good music and nice atmosphere guaranteed. No doubt.

Here the short facts:

14.01.2012 / 11:30 H - 19:30 H


12 January 2012


 and Intel in coorperation with Vice present Special Engagements with its next round in Paris. For those who don’t know Special Engagements is a series of interactive concerts streamed live on the web on Noisey.com, all in a few special places. In short, an excellent concept, in which the fans are important – they can choose which song will be played first or get the chance to have a little meet and greet with the artist for example.

This time the concert will be streamed live from the top of the Eiffeltour and the artist is no less than Yoann Lemoine aka Woodkid! It will be streamed 24th January 2012 live on Noisey.com, but if you want to be there and have a little meet and greet with Yoann, please go to the Facebook page to increase your chances to win. ;)

NOISEY Website / 
VICE Website

11 January 2012

Minwoo Lee

Klassiker Chair is the first lounge chair designed by minwoo Lee. There is no other objet has more memories of human body than chairs. The more chairs are touched by hands, the more our bodies will remember its structure. Chairs also become perfect architecture and beautiful objet with holding memories and history of human bodies. Klassiker chair is the one that chases comfort, durable structure and aesthetic beauty to offer architecture for people.

By considering comfortability when it is seated, the bending wood has been used on the back and the seat. Ashwood was applied on its basic structure. High quality oil finish was used to emphasize its classical appearance.

Minwoo Lee 

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Lange Reihe 57
20099 Hamburg

Helen Bullock SS12

Helen Bullock's S/S2012 collection came about through the desire and need to create something bold and statement like. After watching the 60s movie Candy she was inspired by the over sized banners with blocks of colour, enjoying their immediacy, and simplicity. Images from 70s magazines, with models wearing skirts with curved splits in them, and outsider art pieces were directly referenced in her drawings, which are a starting point for designing. The hand puppets of Paul Klee, with their large oversize silouhette and mismatched fabrication are referenced in the shapes of the garments, along with an urge to cut in to the cloth, driven by her mood and feeling at the time, paralleled with images of Gordon Matta Clarks brutal yet beautiful architecture. The collection begins with the illustrations, and is then pulled together by the development of a strong colour pallette. Things come together once in the print room, where the fabric is treated like a canvas.
The body then works as a stage for these really large paintings, which hopefully empower and delight. 

Helen Bullock

05 January 2012