30 December 2010

28 December 2010


Anastasia Cazabon ist Fotografin aus Cambridge, Massachusetts, und hat ihr Handwerk am Massachusetts College of Art und der New England School of Photography erlernt. Mit ihrem Buch "Love and Rivalry" gewann sie 2009 den Photography Book Now-Wettbewerb, der ihr Türen zu weiteren Ausstellungen und interessanten Projekten öffnete. Cazabon ist unter anderem die Mitbegründerin des Exposure Projects, eine Vereinigung junger, aufkommender Künstler, die aktiv daran arbeiten, neue Talente durch Ausstellungen, Promotion und Onlinepräsenz zu fördern.

Anastasia Cazabon versteht ihre Fotografien der hier gezeigten Serie als kleine Geheimnisse, als versteckte Hinweise auf eine unentdeckte Welt imaginärer Charaktere. Die Bilder sollen den Eindruck erwecken, dass sie einen persönlichen Augenblick in jemandes Leben festgehalten haben, einen privaten Moment, der nicht für die Augen der Öffentlichkeit bestimmt war. So wird Gewöhnliches plötzlich aussergewöhnlich, Gefühle der Angst und Gefahrmischen sich mit den beruhigenden Gefühlen der Sicherheit und Geborgenheit des Bekannten. Die Bilder sind kleine Puzzelteile, die den Betrachter anregen sollen, sich die Geschichten dahinter auszumalen.

Die Bilder drehen sich ebenfalls um die für Cazabon prägenden Jahre derAdoleszenz. Die Zeit, in der junge Frauen mit dem Ablegen des Mädchenseins noch hadern und sich trotzdem unaufhaltsam zur Frau wandeln. Eine Zeit, die, wie Cazabon sagt, geprägt ist von Ängsten und Verlangen.

Mehr Bilder von gibt es auf der Website von Anastasia Cazabon zu entdecken.

April77 Lookbook SS 2011

24 December 2010

Heavy Metal Parking Lot By Eliot Hazel

In contrast to the glamourous story published earlier today by Alessia Laudoni, we are getting darker and grittier with this experimental story by Eliot Hazel. Heavy Meatal Parking Lot was shot to promote a dance piece that was taking place at the Moca Museum in Los Angeles that would involve over 40 dancers inspired from punks vs. goths dance battles, directed by Ryan Heffington. Costume and fashion designer Moon Spoon Saloon (who has designed for Björk, The Knife, Lady Gaga to name a few) collection this season is going to be called “Take me to your leader” and so was the seed to or inspiration for the story.

Just to have it said, Eliot is one of my all time favorite photographers, with a sharp eye and an exceptional creative mind. Eliot himself, gives a lot of the credit to his good friends: “- I am blessed with being surrounded by creative friends who let me be part of there projects and ask me to shoot for them, without my creative friends i would be shooting ducks floating on the lake.” He has been shooting for about 2 and a half years now, but it has only been lately that he has been migrating more seriously over to fashion photography, from being what can be described as a fine art photographer before: “- Most people tend to call me a fine art photographer yet I just shoot whatever comes along so to speak and looks interesting in my point of view.” And it does look interesting, so make sure to click through and have a look through his portfolio.
Here’s Heavy Meatal Parking Lot:

Director – Ryan Heffington
Costumes – Moon Spoon Saloon
Styling – Diana Contreras
Make up – Mindy Lebrock, Ryan Heffington, Will Lemon
Hair – Yuya Takahashi
Photography – Eliot Hazel

Crystal Pyramids

unearthen crystal ring- images via the always-stellar bonadrag

23 December 2010

160 Grams

22 December 2010

21 December 2010


The novelty of pressing feet into spongey snow that makes that 'creak' noise, only compacted flakes produces, is quickly wearing off seeing as it's now properly melting, disintegrating into grey slush puppy sludge.  Rotating between various Dr Martens boots has been the constant in this snow-to-ice-to-sludge-to-puddles ground invasion because they have a thick enough sole to walk around a few inches, aren't porous enough to allow water to seep in and grip to the ice sufficiently (Did I laugh out loud at the woman who toppled on her spindly heels last week in Angel?  Sorry if I did, but that was a moment of newfound ridiculous-ness...).
The new S/S 11 styles hopefully won't be seeing any more snow sludge activity by the time they drop into stores next year because the shiny croc pattern, the pastel tones and the woven floral patterns deserve to be skipping around in amongst blades of green grass, fields of heather and white sand - three fantasy natural surroundings that I've almost been obsessed with since my trip up to the Outer Hebrides (summer cottage rental on the Isle of Lewis is on the agenda for next year).  The emphasis for S/S 11 is not on the 1460 8-eye boot but on the 1461 lace-up shoe which takes on a brogue-ish air, whilst retaining the thick sole that will still mean these are shoes fit for taking on whatever sludge the skies fling at us.  Still, my feet are firmly set on lightly skipping about fields of green and purple rather than trudging their way through wet patches making squelchy noises and there are more than a few styles here that will satisfy the pending spring in my step...    


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20 December 2010

Mitch Alfus

17 December 2010

16 December 2010


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