15 January 2013

"From Light And Shadow" S/S 2013 - by Études Studio

Art direction: Études Studio: 
Photography: Jeremy Liebman
; Set design: W.A.R.S
; Styling: Études Studio; 
Models: Louis Mayhew; Additonal artwork:Robin Cameron
; Shooting location: Brooklyn – NY

The Spring Summer 2013 collection gains confidence and insight as it explores new proportions through the work of silhouette and volume. Standard seam lines are shifted, and garment cuts are amplified. The body slowly disappears behind new shapes and draped fabric. The color range is soft as if it had faded over time, washed out with light. Worked in tonal shades, the colors create and preserve a chromatic harmony. A seemingly pleasant landscape is revealed, disrupted by dabs of deep and powerful colors. The background canvas of the collection operates through dissimilarities and resistances. It is the place of expression where patterns duel with solid colors, where fullness deforms the void, and finally, where shadows soothe the light. 

A break in the clouds, a multicolored bird. 
The images produced around this collection aspire to an undeniable tranquility: the spectrums of light endow a warm feeling of peace and quiet, and the background architecture creates a harmonious pattern of shadow lines. Every element of this tableau encourages a break in time. We find ourselves nearby a tropical region, with its colors, its energy and its enchanting birdlife. The Scarlet Macaw interferes as man’s alter ego: perched on our shoulder, it brings us back to reality. 

Unknown islands, life through super blue-tinted lenses, and sunburns. 
The Canadian artist Robin Cameron and Etudes reflected together on the idea of color and pattern, which resulted in an improvised oil pastel print. This canvas plays freely in the field of abstraction as it puts into motion naïve and raw shapes. It is a spontaneous work of art that evokes movement and cartography. Looking at it attentively, one can perceive an illustrative map of fragmented islands seen from the sky. The pair of sunglasses conceived jointly with the Italian brand Super adds a colored filter to the collection. The idea behind this new collaboration sits on the concept of monochromatic Blue. A hundred pairs have been hand made in Italy with Zeiss lenses. Last but not least, the collection gains from its collaboration with artists such as Brea Souders, Estelle Hanania, Ana Kras and Jennilee Marigomen who share one common feature: that of being a woman. Each chosen image invites us to evaluate the importance of light in our everyday life.

 Études Studio

Hatje Cantz Verlag⎮Matteo Thun "The Index Book"

"Matteo Thun: The Index Book
 provides an overview of Matteo Thun’s architecture and product design. From his earliest to his most recent works, arranged from A to Z.The Index Book is not exactly a classic monograph but rather a sort of x-ray. Drawing on emotionally charged images, it explores and analyzes the various levels and strata of his world. Understanding Matteo Thun through his oeuvre, “from the spoon to the city”: from coffee cups to restaurants, from mountain resorts to wristwatches, from saucepans to solitary villas. With a variety of expressive illustrations, such as plans, watercolor sketches, photographs, and drawings. Based on key issues, such as ecology and the environment, economy and aesthetics, energy saving and luxury. One of Matteo Thun’s leitmotifs is sustainability. And his works are always underpinned by a holistic approach."

Hatje Cantz Verlag

11 January 2013

More Than Photography

Whilst in San Francisco Jonas Normann from Sidewalktalk met and followed photographers Brad Evans and Travis Jensen who were in the process of producing a series of work together focussed on the Tenderloin district, one of San Fran’s rougher neighbourhoods, but to portray the area in a vibrant and respectful way. What amounted from Jonas’s side was this nice portrait of the 2 photographers and their story. You can also learn more about the project Tenderloin USA, here.