30 May 2011

Copenhagen Distortion 2011

DISTORTION FESTIVAL COPENHAGEN from Anders Hemmingsen on Vimeo.

Copenhagen Distortion - Celebrating Street Life and Club Culture - is Old-Europe's craziest annual party cavalcade, orchestrating 101+ parties in 101+ different locations with 101+ different hosts. The Distortion fest includes massive Block Party celebrations, taking place in the streets, for free, while the sun sets - and the hardcore Club Clash events, late at night, in spectacular Copenhagen locations


Every day 16-22h, Distortion gathers 20.000-40.000 people partying, breakdancing, cooking, getting naked, singing and crawling in the streets: it's called BLOCK PARTY. It's FREE - and it takes place 5 days in a row in 5 different Copenhagen neighbourhoods. A little like London's Notting Hill Carnival and Barcelona's Sonar By Day - only without so many rastas or "A&R" dudes. (rastas smell funny and music professionals are boooriiiing).

By night 22-05h, we call it CLUB CLASH. The Festival all-access TurPas is cheap, the drinks are incredibly cheap - and the Distortion dancing man on the wall is a guarantee for 250% party madness, with Europa's club maestros and an army of hungered party animals. And a few nice kids just hanging around.

                         Hej Hej, VI SES!! 

                                    I´m Lost, Maybe We Will Meet In Cph!