03 August 2011



The independent mens brand uncommon creatures was founded by Jens Kold-Christensen and Christina Højris Ottosen with their debut A/W10 collection. The main idea for uncommon creatures is bringing the wearer along a timeless journey where the aesthetic motifs of different ethnic communities act as a common thread through all the collections. A part of their ideology is to make the ethnic prejudices transparent and reinterpret them so they become less »dangerous« as subject matter. The result is a daring collection, at times showing through a dark mood, that focuses on perfect wear-ability and a combination of pure, raw designs, age-old traditions and contemporary trends, all topped with plenty of mystery.

THE PROTAGONIST OF ةلحر ةيدبٔا S/S2012 

I want to talk about the pathans, the people I love, which makes may task harder than ever. I want you to love them as I do. But the pathan is not easy to love. He takes a lot of knowing. He is a most complicated simplicity. I want to bring him down from the peaks of Khyber and the fields of Hashtnager face to face with you in his torn clothes and shoes, his eyes full of manliness, laughter and the devil, and his head full of a childish and noble pride – the chief camouflage he uses to hide his poverty and want. Yes, I want to bring him to you and make him talk to you – of his struggle and his dreams, of love and feuds, his field and his watch-tower, his new rifle and his old wife.the pathan are a rain-sown wheat: they all came up on the same day; they are all the same. But the chief reason why I love a pathan is that he will wash his face and oil his beard and perfume his locks and put on his best pair of clothes when he goes out to fight and die. 1947 © Poet Khan Abdul Ghani (1914-1996)

The main inspiration for the Uncommon Creatures Spring/Summer 2012 collection »The Protagonist of ةيدبٔا« – is based on the poet Ghani Abdul Khan’s love for the local habitats of the pathan people. The S/S12 uncommon boy is young but experienced, innocent but marked, proud and playful. Unity, discipline and faith are the principles he believes in, and the rules he lives by. He wears baseball jackets, ammunition vests with long shirts and hooded capes in pre- washed silk or hand-treated torn linen. his silhoutte is avant-garde and raw, while keeping a high degree of simplicity, signature of the uncommon creature collections. Khaki, various tones of grey and black or selected pieces in rosy brown are the colors for this collection which, also features accessories like leg bags, caps, straw turban hats, all created by hand in Copenhagen in collaboration with Mathilde Førster.