01 September 2011

Stine Goya Summer 2012 Cphfw

I admire Stine Goya for her strong and beautiful signature style – you always directly know at first sight: This is Stine Goya. But unfortunately for me it’s often too girly, flowy and ruffley. So I always look at Stine Goya shows for those pieces which are maybe not the typical Stine Goya standard.

The pieces / combinations I liked the most of her summer collection 2012 you can see above. The metallic dress and those details like the shoes or the fringes on the poncho are super, I also like the pastell-grayish colour range, the yellow and especially the pink.
I think the collection is very solid and maybe a bit like a sampling of the last collections – have you noticed? The models all wear Stine’s own hairdo as wigs!!! Therefore (of course) there’s a bit innovation lacking. Metallics, flowy semi-transparent silk and angora knits are very nice but nothing very new.When I met Stine herself she seemed a bit less elegant and a bit more street for me, but this might be for the reason we met at the Soulland party last year. If her collections could be a bit more like this I would rave more about them.