29 October 2011

Interview: The COBRASNAKE

If it were up to me. I´d spare you the intro about the most famous party photographer as of today... Cobrasnake. Aka Mark Hunter drops his suitcases at the hippest parties on the globe. From Tokyo to New York. Via Paris. Immortalising irrelevant moments at every must-be-seen reunion. Day and Night. His Snapshots are outrageous and make everybody go buzzirk for a publication on thecobrasnake

StellDirVor: You must get that one often, but why CobraSnake?
There´s really no exciting story behind the name but I do have a scar on my hand and I tell people that I was bitten by a cobra when I was in the boy scouts. It´s a pretty good story! 

SDV: Tell us how one becomes the coolest, most famous and most seen party photographer on the globe?
That´s very flattering. I´m not really any of those things. The people that I photograph are, I´m very lucky to be around some of the most amazing musicans, artists, fashion designers, cool kids from all around the world. Some of their coolness must rub off on me. That´s why I never shower!

SDV: You mostly take snapshots at parties, ever felt like doing something else?
I don´t just take snapshots. I have a fitness club, I have a business selling vintage clothes and I work on lots of other fun projects all the time. Snapshots are like 50 percent of my workload an I love them.

SDV: Can you think of something you never seen before, or a person you´ve never met that you´d like to take a picture of?
Would be cool to meet a ghost and hang out and go to Disneyland with them. 

SDV: A great party is? 
Full of cute girls, good music, lots of fun things like balloons and stuff.

SDV: And where are they at? 
You can really have a great party anywhere. I have travelled to the most random places and found amazing parties, so there´s always a room for fun.

SDV: Was it you who made Cory Kennedy an i- star?
Not really she was a superstar before I met here.

SDV: DimMak are your mates, what´s it like in this big family?
Yes I love Steve Aoki and Dimmak! We have really done some crazy thing together. Travelling everywhere from Paris, Australia, Tokyo and everywhere else cool.

SDV: Your best memory?
Too many memories to remember.

SDV: Tell us about your range of tees?
Just opened a concept shop in the mall in Hollywood and Highland. It´s out of control, full of amazing things if you come to Los Angeles it´s totally important that you come visit the shop! 

pics the cobrasnake

The CobraSnake