11 January 2012

Helen Bullock SS12

Helen Bullock's S/S2012 collection came about through the desire and need to create something bold and statement like. After watching the 60s movie Candy she was inspired by the over sized banners with blocks of colour, enjoying their immediacy, and simplicity. Images from 70s magazines, with models wearing skirts with curved splits in them, and outsider art pieces were directly referenced in her drawings, which are a starting point for designing. The hand puppets of Paul Klee, with their large oversize silouhette and mismatched fabrication are referenced in the shapes of the garments, along with an urge to cut in to the cloth, driven by her mood and feeling at the time, paralleled with images of Gordon Matta Clarks brutal yet beautiful architecture. The collection begins with the illustrations, and is then pulled together by the development of a strong colour pallette. Things come together once in the print room, where the fabric is treated like a canvas.
The body then works as a stage for these really large paintings, which hopefully empower and delight. 

Helen Bullock