13 January 2012

Stephanie Wong ▏"Extraordinary Pigeon"

A recent graduate from London College of Fashion and our 60th designer to join MUUSE, we proudly present to you – Ho Man Stephanie Wong.Stephanie is a designer who lives and breathes for fashion – she draws inspiration from art, graphical elements and cultures. Her main interest is creating intricate pattern and delicate design details as shown in her collection “Extraordinary Pigeon” that she is launching with us today. Her work always takes on loose fit and unisex style while exploring the character of the material and adding it into her designs. “Extraordinary Pigeon” is inspired by the nature and the paintings of Giuseppe Arcimboldo along with different photographs of pigeons. From the paintings of Arcimboldo, Stephanie came up with the idea of how she could use animal skin in a more environmentally friendly manner. It led her into exploring alternative sources of materials that are not animal-based but more sustainable and affordable.  Being influenced by the structural and layering collage of Arcimboldo’s paintings and by creating fake skins and fur-like materials instead of using real fur or leather, has resulted in an extraordinary collection. Not only is it playful and interesting with the asymmetric cutting and mix of colors, but the use of nontraditional layering and different materials in one garment makes each and every piece in her collection an exceptional craftwork. See the collection here and judge for yourself.