26 April 2012

YBDPT Books Presents ▏"White Light/ Black Hole" By Dennis Busch

YBDPT BOOKS presents a new book in collaboration with the German artist "Dennis Busch". 

Now the time has come for publishing another book, which goes by the name of "White Light / Black hole". The limited book includes many collages by the German artist, musician and graphic artist Dennis Busch. Driven by colorful drawings in combination with text-lyrics and photography. Sometimes raw, sometimes progressive.

Dennis Busch is an artist, who lives in Otterberg. He is the owner of the gallery "Zum hochgeklappten Fußnagel", and also the founder of the record label "Millions of Brilliant Idiots".

In the context of the book publication, YBDPT BOOKS presents in close cooperation with Dennis Busch the temporary exhibition calls "White Light / Black Hole". 

You are cordially invited! Come over and take a glimpse. We are sure that you won´t regret it.
We offer some cold free drinks and spacy tunes.


YBDPT BOOKS presents
"White Light / Black hole" by Dennis Busch
Book publication & exhibition

Friday, 27th of April 2012 / At 19 H to 23 H
YBDPT STUDIO / Marktstrasse 117, 20357 Hamburg

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