21 December 2010


The novelty of pressing feet into spongey snow that makes that 'creak' noise, only compacted flakes produces, is quickly wearing off seeing as it's now properly melting, disintegrating into grey slush puppy sludge.  Rotating between various Dr Martens boots has been the constant in this snow-to-ice-to-sludge-to-puddles ground invasion because they have a thick enough sole to walk around a few inches, aren't porous enough to allow water to seep in and grip to the ice sufficiently (Did I laugh out loud at the woman who toppled on her spindly heels last week in Angel?  Sorry if I did, but that was a moment of newfound ridiculous-ness...).
The new S/S 11 styles hopefully won't be seeing any more snow sludge activity by the time they drop into stores next year because the shiny croc pattern, the pastel tones and the woven floral patterns deserve to be skipping around in amongst blades of green grass, fields of heather and white sand - three fantasy natural surroundings that I've almost been obsessed with since my trip up to the Outer Hebrides (summer cottage rental on the Isle of Lewis is on the agenda for next year).  The emphasis for S/S 11 is not on the 1460 8-eye boot but on the 1461 lace-up shoe which takes on a brogue-ish air, whilst retaining the thick sole that will still mean these are shoes fit for taking on whatever sludge the skies fling at us.  Still, my feet are firmly set on lightly skipping about fields of green and purple rather than trudging their way through wet patches making squelchy noises and there are more than a few styles here that will satisfy the pending spring in my step...